What Crossdressing Means

Crossdressing is the same meaning as the word “transvestite”. This is when a person, mostly males, dress in garments associated with the opposite sex. Some think that crossdressing is the same as drag queens, but that is not true. Drag queens do dress in the apparel that is associated with the opposite sex, and they are mainly men; however, drag queens are normally gay, and they give performances in the imitation of Broadway stars and famous women singers. Also, they would appear as a great Continue reading “Crossdressing”

Transgender Woman

Transgender Woman

Transgender woman, aka trans woman, is a transgender individual born as male, but identifies as a woman. Most of the steps written above for trans men apply for trans women also. With coming to terms of who you are inwardly, coming out, legally changing your name, and other things mentioned above do apply for transgender women also. However, they would pass as women by wearing women’s hairstyles, makeup, clothing, and taking on expressions typical of females. And of course, the procedures and hormones taken are different to appear and have the traits of a woman.

Both transgender women and transsexual may transition, but only transsexual women would transition medically. They would use Continue reading “Transgender Woman”